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Look out Helvetica, there’s a new font on the block.

Knightereau Font

UPDATE (06/04/10): Due to the request of Thorsten at helpworx, I have updated Knightereau to include German characters as well as some legal glyphs. They new goodies include: Ää Öö Ëë Ïï Üü ß ® © ™.


I have always been a fan of receiving little notes from my wife, Kristi. Mostly because of the overly generous things she has to say in them about me, but also because I think she has really cool handwriting. It is fun, whimsical, but also neat and clean.

I have always told her it would make a cool font.

So flashforward into our first year of marriage. It is my birthday and I awake to a series of large notes placed throughout the apartment wishing me a happy birthday from various items in house, such as "I'll try to multiply what's in here today! - Wallet" and "I promise to get the water the perfect temperature for you. - Shower" and so-on as I begin my day. (Kristi leaves the apartment most days before I am even out of bed. Thank you 9am work schedule.) So the next day I brought all of the notes up to the office and scanned them in and that night began working on the Muhammed Ali of fonts, promising to change the type game forever.

I had Kristi fill in the missing characters and glyphs, and even decided to throw in a couple of her signature moves, hearts and a diamond-eyed smiley face.

A few weeks later, Knightereau was born. (Knight + Dansereau = Knightereau in case you missed it.)

And now, I offer this to all of you so that you may go out and spread the good news of a professional, hand-written font. (And you can now ghost write Kristi's personal notes... nobody will know it wasn't her!)

Not every glyph is in here (we left out a few like the tilde and Yen symbols), but if you are looking for a certain one just let me know and I can add it.


BTW, if you don't know already, Kristi has her own knitting/cooking/reading blog over at and also sells hand-made items through her Etsy store. Check them out. They are rad.


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  1. Looks cool, but page not found?

  2. Ok, I updated the link to a zip file. All should be well now!

  3. Ok, dumb question maybe but I’m not a big computer guy. I’ve downloaded the zip file, but now how do I put it into action…how do I use it on Word, etc.

  4. Solid blog. Solid font. Keep up the good work my man!

    And Adam, this link should help you out:

  5. Thanks Mike! I think you’ll like my next post…

    Adam, that link Mike put should help. But email me at Blake.knight@gmail if you still have issues.

  6. I love this font so much, it’s just one of the best handwritten fonts I came across so far. However, may I make a wish? Here in Germany we use umlauts and the ‘sharp s’ character, so maybe you could add

    Ää Öo Üü and ß

    to your font — although Kristi may have never been writing them before ;-) Thank you & Kristi so much!

  7. Thanks Torsten! Glad to hear this font has international appeal!

    I will add try to those characters and put up a special German addition (probably early next week) for you to download. I will notify you via email when it is up. Kristi needs to work on her German anyways, we are planning a trip there for this July.

    I would love to see any helpworx collateral or other material that uses the font, as well. I can put it up on here for some cross-promotion for you guys.

  8. Thank you Blake! We really would like to use this font for the redesign of our webpage. That would be so cool — we already tried so many handwritten fonts and none worked perfectly for us, but knightereau does!

    Glad to hear you plan to come over this sommer! Let me know if you need some advice on your route plans.

  9. Very cool. Thanks for sharing

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