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Heineken Hits Maslow In The Face

Along with being a good story of how limited digital releases can leader to larger campaigns, the new Heineken ad, "The Entrance," perfectly aligns the product with Maslow's mid-top levels of Belonging and Social needs. To a freaking T. The party, the connections, the personal greetings, the inside knowledge, the shared experience, and the man who drinks the beer that brings them all together under one roof.

Sidenote: I find it intriguing that the main character never actually drinks the beer. What would persuade the company to purposely leave this out? The way the product is shown and interacted with, it was an definite decision for his lips to not touch the drink. However, I am still in the dark as to why...

Self-actualized cheers,


The real reason Twitter has bandwidth problems

I have found the secret of why Twitter has bandwidth problems, and why you can't seem to get away from the famous "Fail Whale." If you look closely, you'll notice...

Twitter Fail Whale

... the birds are flying in different directions! They obviously can't get anywhere if they keep that up.

Quick cheers,


Hey Absolut, Now You’re Just Mocking Me

This is an update to my recent charge for Absolut Vodka to make use of an ideal outdoor space in downtown Dallas.

I roll out of bed this morning, get ready, fend off my dogs at the door, start my walk to work and, right when I exit my building, get slapped in the face by Absolut Vodka.

Being encompassed by outdoor advertising every day, I enjoy it when the large vinyl building ads change. I take note of the message, the brand, the placement, the creativity, and the effectiveness (One such ad [seen below] is promoting that their cell phone has a built-in camera! A CAMERA IN A PHONE?! INSANE! Talk about differentiation!). So this morning I walk outside and see the top of a new bright-pink, very nondescript ad. I think, "Oh that's cute. It must be for some luxury good or a new Brittany Spears perfume."

I walk around the corner to get a better view, only to notice a URL at the top the ad reads ""


Yes they did.

Just ONE BLOCK from the holy grail of Absolut Vodka outdoor advertising, which I wrote about 4 days ago, they decided to put up a new ad. Obviously Absolut understands the market and is willing to pay big bucks for outdoor advertising in downtown Dallas, otherwise they wouldn't have put this new one up. Likewise, they obviously don't read this blog, or else they would have found the ideal building for their campaign just one block east of their current ad.

Absolut Outdoor Marketing Missed The Mark

Absolut, I'm disappointed. How could you guys have missed this?

Disappointed cheers,


Take Me With You on Your Smart Phone

My blog is now mobile friendly! You can now visit this site on any mobile device and you will (hopefully) see an enhanced version specifically made to speed up loading time.

I'm so quick and user-friendly.

For those of you who want to test your blog to see how mobile friendly it is, check out mobiReady. They not only scan your site and give you an overall "grade," but also walk you through the specific steps on fixing each error. AND they show you exactly how your site is viewed on a couple phones (interestingly enough, the iPhone isn't on the list) so you can troubleshoot for each carrier.

This blog got a "Fair" rating simply because of the size of the markup; not something I'm too concerned with. But apparently if you are viewing this from Latin America, it may be costing you $2.22, so I apologize.





Hey Absolut, Have I Got An Idea For You

At least four times a day, I walk through half of downtown Dallas. And until the excruciatingly hot summer hits, my 10-minute door-to-desk route is pretty enjoyable.

The outdoor advertising in the city is quite prevalent. I pass roughly 4 giant vinyl building ads and handfuls of bus stop posters every day. However one spot has always stuck out to me as a prime location for a certain brand.

Absolut Vodka, have I got an idea for you.

Absolut Vodka Outdoor Advertising

Absolut Vodka Outdoor Advertising

Absolut Vodka Outdoor Advertising

Absolut Ad Space

Prime location on one of the busiest street in downtown Dallas (Ross Avenue), on the other side of the building (see last picture) there are 3 giant vinyl building ads, the parking lot inside are the surround ones are full every day, the main entrance to the garage is right below the "bottle," and the opposite side of this building is identical so you can get two for one here.

Absolut, you can't pass this spot up. It was made for you.